Her eyes told the story, they had the weight of a thousand years. A brilliance of a million diamonds glistening on that forgotten beach that had never been named. So pure and so beautiful, the color told of the deep unknowns stretching from the darkest indigo. To the lightest of pure aqua. They were yet flawless while time never physically taking hold as did the wisdom that had set so predominantly.

Starring now like any other night before, the years felt like days. Or as it is only, nights for all eternity. There was one mission, and that was the preparation of the early hunt to replenish. Always a constant reminder of the price of all immortality, it was the chain that shackled her. And as the last rays hit the tops of the trees, the setting sun escaped to the west freeing her to the nights vivid colors.

Time had changed so much, always staying elusive to the human eye. These days she struggled with the idea to become known was something felt to the depths of her bones. The constant reminder of her makers who whisped of secrecy, of death, and of punishments unimaginable kept those thoughts from becoming reality. Yet not seeing him for over five hundred years was aiding in the surreality of her hopes and dreams.

You see, mankind was something of true nightmares. The constant wars over religions, the hate, rape, the poor, the dying. Compassion was becoming harder to find, making nightly feedings more easy. Never once taking the blood of the innocent, this made it easy in some ways to stay grounded in her true undeniable nature.


And soon, it will be hers. The night has just begun.

Christina Kuivenhoven