Tell your story of an embarrassing moment..

A man of 28 years old, named Edwin. He’s living with his grandparents and this is his story. One crazy night when he was high he decided to bring over a girl, even though his grandparents were sleeping. So he decided to have sex even though sex is crazy..well sometimes. This is what he said… “she was really loud!!” but just a little secrets to my readers he’s not that big. So he’s either making it up or he though she was loud. Another thing he had said was “we did not sleep that night” I mean he can’t even last 3 seconds into sex by then he’s passed out because he’s “tired”. Once they stoped at 5 seconds. They both were just laying on the bed looking at the ceiling. At 4:30 am they went back at again before he goes to work. Well what he didn’t know was his grandparents wake up at 4:30 to get ready for work. Every morning they check up on him to see if he needs anything. Right when his grandmother opens the door she sees them both having sex, with the ligh on and both naked. Her reactions was surprised because he is not like that to bring over a girl. She said an i quote “holy fuck!!”. His reaction was priceless.. well so says his grandmother. And ever since his grandmother sees him in a weird way knowing she saw him naked and having sex. So guys or girls living with grandparents don’t do what he did. If you want to have sex have it somewhere else or when no one is home.

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