nice share, please collberate more though about why it’s so important (adventages) and the purpose…

Thanks for your question Dean! Always great to find more people interested in self-awareness.

As for the advantages, I suppose I see self-awareness as being to the human mind and condition as sight/vision is to the eyes. To me, the main advantage is that it allows us to act and make decisions coming from a place of clarity and (more) objectivity. It helps us remove the layers of arbitrary constructions and often harmful stories that we make up at some point in our lives which blur our vision.

For example, if we ever desire to deepen a relationship and have more authentic connections with loved ones or colleagues, we have to be able to empathize with them in order to understand their perspectives. If we aren’t fully aware of what our own perspectives are or where they stem from (which I define as part of self-awareness), then we won’t be able to do that in a meaningful way that allows for growth/progress.

Does that make sense? Or do you still question why it’s worth it (which is okay)?