What to do with all of that minced parsley? Some ideas.


  • Garnish everything in sight.
  • Découpage a coffee table
  • Throw it on some newlyweds
  • Have yourself a luxurious, aromatic herb bath
  • With a handy glue stick, it almost passes for body glitter?
  • A responsible topping for ice cream #cleaneating
  • Box filler for that thing you were going to mail back to Amazon
  • Finally fix that hole in the ceiling
  • Mince it some more until it reaches molecular proportions, all the while basking in the knowledge that, not only are your knife skills getting better, your soul is becoming stronger so that when your externship throws 12 cases of parsley at you on the first day, you will breeze through it like the parsley ninja you were always meant to be. 🍃
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