Week 2- day 2

Well yesterday, sunday was the hardest day to stay in control! My will power had to be on overdrive!

Woke up early as I had a team meting 10–12.30 delicious start grapes, starwberry, banana with 1 weetabix crumbled over and a vanilla and chocolate sprinkles muller yogurt over! Saved the other half for a rocky road for in the meeting break!

Popped home before a 1st birthday at 2.30 and made shred filled up on a free lunch, mor strawberries and yogurt. Going to a party with a Buffett and sweets is hard to resist if your starving!

My hopes were a healthy buffet , with some salad or crudités and may be some fruit to snack on!!!! Wishful thinking beige was the name of the game, sandwiches, sausage rolls, indian snacks etc all very lovely but not SW friendly!! The. Sweets , biscuits and delicious looking cake too!! I did my little one a plate and sat away from the table, so couldn’t pick! My little one trying to force feed me sweets!! But I know one bite of anything and it would have been game over!

So had 4 barcardis with diet coke and not any food passed my lips!! How? I still do not know!

Home for 6pm and pork chops, roast pots, cabbage, carrots, peas and broccoli and 1.5syns of gravy!! Feeling full!

Feeling chuffed with another successful day!!

Love Tina.xx

Writing a new ending!