Week 2- making a knew ending!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

My little one woke me at 6.15am, no way I can go back to sleep weigh day!!! I’ve butterflies in my stomach , what if I’ve stayed the same ????

Stepped on the sclaes gently ( like that is going to make a difference) and waited for those figures to stop flittering, saw the flash of 10 and prayed it would stay there!!!! It did it 10 stone 13.5!!!!! Don’t even care what’s the number after 10 days!!! It says 10 !first time in such a long time!!! Over a year!!

I am over the moon, weight loss second week of 2 lbs, 4.5lbs in two weeks!! Never had two weeks results like that!! That has fuelled my fire and made me feel I really could do this, I really can get to target weight of 10 stone 7lbs!!! I’m just 6.5lbs away!!

Really need to focus this week as would hate for that to go back over the 11's next week!!!

Right plan for this week to get another loss, aim 1 lbs!!! Can’t be to greedy!!

Obstacles !!! 30th bday tonight! 100% on plan today, going to have 0 syns till tonight! Eat before I go. Then stick to barcardi and diets coke, 2.5 syns each so aim 6 of them max, and then stop! (Got work in the morning so can’t go wild!)

Tomorrows obsticle, meeting, I know on a Sunday!!! 10–3pm then straight to a christening, we’ll the after bit as have miss church bit due to work! My friend reassures me there will be slimming world friendly food. But will have took lunch to meeting anyway, so not starving as maybe tempted then!

Then rest of the week, all ok just working! So going to do another two days extra easy SP monday/Tuesday! Also do a bit of walking too!! Excited for week ahead!!!

Target here I come!!!! Can’t believe difference in my clothes after just two weeks!

Love Tina.x

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