Week 3- creating a new ending

Sorry bit later today, racing around this morning!

I found yesterday a real challenge, nearly wavered ! Had awful night sleep Saturday so woke up tired, had to get organised with breakfast and lunch as at a meeting all day! That was fine, then had a really inspiring meeting with slimming world ! Stayed focused all day there. Then left had to go to a christening , was getting bit hungry as 3.30pm. It was in a pub so drank diet coke, tempted by alcohol but had to collect my son at 6pm. So with driving I couldn’t, not sure if I wasn’t if I wouldn’t have given it here!

Everyone eating curry and naan, cake and sweets and really loved the smell of the curry , I did fancy a bowl but stayed strong!

But then dashing around collect my son, my daughter, then get uniforms all ready and tired from day before. I popped to shop to get bottle of red wine!!!!!! I measured two 175ml wine, already has 4 Syns today , then had gravy on tea that my other half cooked, pork, veg and syn free roasts! So syns now 17.5 syns and over today’s limit!

Then sitting in front of television I was craving something, eg chocolate, normally would have just thought oh well, time out only 4.5 syns , one day won’t harm ,but no ! Muller for me and cup of tea then bed!

So even though tired and could easily have given in, went to 17.5 syns and stayed in control !

New day today and good nights sleep, feeling so much better in my clothes! On wards and upwards!( downwards should I say)


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