Week 4- making a new ending

Sorry it’s been two days since I last wrote about my journey, been a very busy few days! Don’t worry I’m still on track.

In fact since Saturday have been 100% , not been over 12 syns!

Sat- 12, Sun- 11.5, mon- 9, tues – 11.5 want to do whole week within the 8–12!

Need a loss this week ready for the ball Saturday, hair done , nails booked! Getting excited! Be nice to dress up, will post a photo for you all! I know the dress feels so much better with a few pounds off!

I’ve done a week of varied breakfasts this week:

Zotes (porridge with courgette) saturday, heck sausage sandwich (wholemeal kingmill thin and egg sunday, overnight oats with banana monday , frozen fruit frosted with yogurt and 1 broken up weetabix tuesday! Today back to Zotes!

Variety I feel is key, keep varying meals, breakfast , Syns keep it interesting and keep your body guessing!!

Two days to go to weigh in! Will stay on track!!

Love Tina.x

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