Lessons from my upholstery business and why I’m the BEST person to follow!

Lessons my upholstery business taught me and why I’m the BEST person for you to follow!

I often mention my other business (my upholstery business) in posts and Lives,
but after a little smack down from my own business coach yesterday,
I realised I’m not talking about it enough!
It’s true that my online business is a very different animal to my brick and mortar,
products based manufacturing business,
but there’re things that I’ve learned,
experiences I’ve had and loads of pearls of wisdom that I’ve collected over the last 9 years running it that’re completely transferable to my coaching business.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are making products or offering services,
working from home,
an office,
OR factory,
there’re some things that will still apply.
Like for an example,
the fact that you need to stand out in business.

You not only need to get yourself seen but you need to give your potential customers a good enough reason to pick YOU.

Why are you a better choice for them over the competition up the road?
Why should they give YOU their hard earned cash?

Society conditions us to fit in.
We must fit in and not be different.
Don’t for goodness sake draw attention to yourself.
Don’t brag.
Don’t make too much noise!
And in the UK we’re famed for being reserved.
We don’t push ourselves to the front of the que.
We join them!
So when we start a business and realise that we have to sell we go all British and reserved.

We don’t want to seem like the pushy car salesmen.

We’d HATE people to think of us like that.

But you’ve gotta sell.

Sell yourself and your company.
Sell your products or services.
But we often don’t want to.
We want the customers to somehow just find us.
To turn up in their droves.
It usually doesn’t work like that.
Would the ice cream van make many sales if it just drove around without that awful sounding jingle thingy blaring out?
No it wouldn’t ’cause you wouldn’t know it was there!
And yes it’s a funny sounding noise but it does the trick.
You immediately know what it means.

What’s YOUR funny sounding (or otherwise!) noise?
How do YOU stand out?
How do YOU make sure you’re noticed?

Standing out and getting noticed is a big one but another big one for me is running your business on your terms.
YOU make the rules.
YOU decide on the days and hours you work.
YOU decide what products or services you actually want to offer.
YOU get to choose WHO you work with,
AND if you want to take a holiday or put your prices up,
guess what?
YOU can do that too!
You might think that it’s not possible for you.
That your business is different.
That you’ll lose all of your clients to the competition etc.
but the truth is…

your business really isn’t different.

You CAN raise your prices — maybe just put them up for NEW customers?!
and do you really want to compete on price?
That’s just a race to the bottom.
You’ll be cheaper than everyone else which isn’t great is it when you think about it?
You’re making less money than your competition AND you’re devaluing yourself.
sooner or later someone will come along and undercut you!
Then what?
You can now longer use “I’m the cheapest” to attract clients.
Are you really gonna drop your prices even lower?
What’re are you working for?

Let me tell you something else that I’ve learned in my upholstery biz re pricing.
Now this isn’t everyone but…
I’d say 99% of the people who want your best price,
who don’t want to pay the VAT (why not? I bloody have to!!)
the people who lead with a question around price.
Who say I’ve only got X amount of money.
And my personal favourite…

“I had to spend X amount on this, X amount on that and so now I’ve only got this little bit left”

Oh f*cking great!

So you can spend out on other products no problem.
You just don’t want to pay ME what I’m worth!
Or the people who want a premium product like leather,
but only want to pay so much so it’s the labour that’s under paid.
Which means I suffer again!

99% of THESE people are the biggest pains in the backside you’ll ever work with I’m telling you!

They’ll change their minds when you’re half way through already.
They’ll want it yesterday.
They’ll take up way too much of your time.
You’ll get mad at yourself for saying yes to them and then when you think it’s all over,
they’ll pick fault with something when there’s nothing to pick fault with.
Know why?


I’m telling you!
You’ll be able to see a pattern after a while.
You’ll get an internal alarm going off when you’re on the phone with them,
in person or speaking over email.
You’ll come to just know.
If you haven’t experienced this yet you’ve been lucky!
Or you’re very new to business.

I’d urge you NOT to compete on price.
I’d urge you to filter out the (pain in the backside) price led customers.
I’d urge you to really think about what makes YOU special.
Why should anyone choose YOU?
And then go make sure you’re heard.


Stand up and stand out.
It’s MORE than OK — it’s NECESSARY!

So what makes ME stand out then?

Well let’s see…
Apart from having just over 9 years running my upholstery business along with ALL the
lessons I’ve learned and am STILL learning…
Apart from the fact I continue to invest in myself and work with coaches and read etc…
I’m EXTREMELY sensitive and empathetic and so I can very quickly understand what’s going
on for you in your business and your life right now.

I get where you’re at and so can start to help you straight away.

I’m super passionate about helping my clients and my followers to move out of their particular pain and past their blocks.
I WILL call you out if I see you slip and not doing the work ONLY ’cause I care SO much and want you to get results.

But also I will do it with love and compassion.

I’m not one of the “NASTY” coaches you might have seen online.
At the same time though,
I’m not a flake and won’t let you be one either!!

I’m super honest and down to earth and I only speak about what I KNOW.

I COULD tell you how to build a 6 figure +++ upholstery (or similar) business but I couldn’t YET tell you how to build a 6 figure online business.
So I won’t!
I’m not really into the teaching strategy anyway as it’s mostly having the right mindset that counts.

I have a real passion for mindset work.

I have a REAL desire to make a HUGE IMPACT and so even though I’m naturally an introvert and can be quite shy at times,
I’m stepping up and getting even more VISIBLE.
I’m not perfect and sometimes I catch myself wanting to hide,
having a little wobble,
but I’m getting pretty good at recognising what’s going on and then nipping it in the bud.

I have a LOT to give and this business is my TRUE CALLING.

And THAT’S why you should follow me.
Love Tina xoxo

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