The choices & Whispers

Like all great and not so great stories, there’s always an impending question and few answers. Many a time a choice has to be made and depending on that the story further expands or takes a turn or even enters its final climax.

Several movies have often been very simple, no twists, no turns, just plain old stories.

In the Before Trilogy, Celine and Jesse are made for each other but it’s not as simple as it seems. The first movie in the series was completely dream-like, no external influences, and barely any interference. Things were perfect for them, that one day they spent in Venice would be a night to remember and it was just like a fairy tale. Two strangers who meet in a new city, spend time and part ways. Fate had other plans for them and that’s how they found their back to each other at the end of the 2nd movie.

I learnt something from this, many a time what may start off as a fairy tale, doesn’t necessarily have to end with the characters drifting apart, they can find their back (provided the universe permits them) and work their way through it. The third movie deals with the struggles they have and how they resolve them. It’s not easy, it’s not a bed of roses but to see people not give up on each other is so inspiring! Willingness to make it work even when both are at a verge of mental break down.

When the universe does not permit

La La Land

Two characters who have ambitious dreams fall in love with each other, but fail to make it work. At the cost of their relationship, they send each other to chase their dreams which at the end does work out perfectly for both of them.

So what’s to learn from here?

The choices we make and how they impact our lives. Many a time someone has to compromise their passion/ goals/ career for a certain time because as it turns out, it adds to the overall growth of a relationship. With opposing goals or even a time the career factor puts your love life at a risk.

Mia and Sebastian even though perfect for each other, chose their dreams over each other, proclaiming to love each other forever!

Which they did, didn’t they?

Even though both went to have their own successful careers they looked at each other with a sense of respect.

I was going through the collection of poetry I had and I found a particular book that was bought at half the price. The first page read


I wonder under what circumstances must this book have been given away.

On loss

I suppose if one is present when a loved one dies, or sees him dead and laid out and later buried, one is convinced of the finality of the thing and finds it easier to adapt to the changed circumstances. But when you hear of a death, a father’s death, and have only the faintest idea of the manner of his dying, it is rather a lot for the imagination to cope with — especially when the imagination is a small boy’s. There being no tangible evidence of my father’s death, it was, for me, not a death but a vanishing.
— Ruskin Bond, A Town Called Dehra

Not ending up together because of circumstances and Dying are two completely different things. Two different plot twists and outcomes.

To lose your loved ones is something no matter how much you move over it, it’s never enough. As we grow up, we give our potential s/o a part of ourselves. It hurts me to sometimes see it go beyond life into afterlife.

Watching October, was utterly heartbreaking for me. Real time injuries and feelings. A need of constantly taking care of the other person without rhyme or reason. There wasn’t any apparent love story but a story based on how love bloomed when you least expected it to. The last scene of Dan taking the Shuili Tree with him gives me and perhaps even me a sense of closure.

Some other movies with similar themes include One Day, Masaan, Me Before You etc.

When I was 16, I was against the world

At 20 I thought the world was against me

At 22 I think I’ve had enough of the subtle useless hints the universe drops on me.

An advise often comes to me as a whisper, trust me there aren’t any demons communicating. These whispers are kind, the choices I make will shape a tomorrow for me but I’m still collectively looking for the answers I need so desperately.

If there’s anything that reading stories have taught me is there, there can never be enough plot twists. With numerous sub plots, and supporting characters, we’re at times stuck with our own home-made gangs.

What I learned so far-

  • Hang on to those who have faith in you.
  • Nothing lasts forever but the moments do. Virtually or in reality.
  • Words once said cannot be taken back.
  • You can fall in love again.
  • Crying is a beautiful remedy.
  • Keep exploring and meeting new people.
  • You can never forget how someone made you feel under certain circumstances.
  • Unrequited love and Denial are two completely different things.
  • Walking away is much needed and should be encouraged for the betterment of your own mental health.
  • Things always get better, but they get a lot worse before getting any better.

I’ve seen too few deaths and too many vanishings~

Landour, Mussoorie, Uttrakhand.