I Had Totally Normal Tinder Convos Using ‘Broad City’s’ Most Absurd Quotes

Yasss yasss yasss. 🙌🏼

“Broad City” is one of the most hilarious — and relatable — shows on television right now. Through the absurdity of their lives, the dynamic duo of Abbi and Ilana demonstrate two different approaches to dealing with any and all Gen Y dilemmas. While Abbi often lets her insecurity get the best of her, Ilana’s DGAF attitude gives women everywhere something to aspire to, making her one of the most beloved characters in comedy.

Ilana has no problem finding a man (or woman) to love her, despite her lack of a filter, unabashed love of the herb and her inability to understand boundaries. I wondered what would happen if I channeled Ilana — patron saint of procrastination and weed queen — on Tinder for a week and things got really weird really quickly.

I chose a quote for my bio that showcased one of Ilana’s more introspective moments.

I started out with a casual greeting. Because nothing says “getting to know you,” like a live stream from the shitter.

WWID: What Would Ilana Do?

I weeded out the weirdos based on their pop culture preferences.

I found someone to chat with about the struggles of adulthood.

Some of these conversations took a vulnerable turn.

We talked about the impermanence of life.

We even tackled spirituality…

And found a shared love of 90’s dramas along the way.

I did stumble across one confused soul.

Sorry, bro.

Ilana would never keep her dirty thoughts to herself, so I didn’t either.

Take note: This is great way to trick someone into taking you out to dinner.

Things ended a little weirdly for me, but I think this guy might be a perfect match for Ilana.

But let’s be real, no one could replace her main squeeze Abbi.

Originally published at news.dose.com.