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Day 3

Meditation Fail

Today I deviated from the first two days of the journeying exercise in two ways:

I don’t really know what the new visualization based on the dream I had the night before would have resulted in because I fell asleep soon after beginning the journeying part of the exercise!

Timeline of Events

Day 2

Today I procrastinated

I procrastinated until after 9 pm. While that’s not late for me, why? I had plenty of opportunities throughout the day to take 30 minutes and do the meditation and journeying.

The beginning of the journey was the same as yesterday, but faster paced.

I expected to find myself coming out of another root and maybe seeing something else that could be a possible root cause.

Instead I shrunk down as I was walking toward a massive tree with roots moving/distorting along the ground until I became small enough to walk into the bark and further into the dark and…

Day 1

My granddaughter making a break for it!

My Day 1 Journeying exercise:

  • Meditate using the Headspace app for 10 minutes.
  • Transition into 20 minutes of “journeying” using the Insight Timer app to keep time and provide ambient background sound.

But, What Is Journeying?

To be honest…I’m not entirely certain : )

If I say,

The expected reply would be,

In this instance, my answer would be:

And I have no idea what the expected reply to that would be!

Where Did My Journey Begin?

The platform for leaving my upper physical/conscience landscape to journey into the depths of…

Challenge: Choose something new to learn, try or experience for 30 days in order to awaken and utilize the “beginner’s mind.”

Easy enough, right? The possibilities are only limited by the relatively few — speaking from a human experience perspective — things you’ve learned in your lifetime.

What would you choose?


I think I have my list of possibilities narrowed down to a few (dozen) options and then I read a book discussing Connected Breathwork. I think, “Wow! I could see the benefit from learning this! I’ll add it to the list!”

Forum post about…

Tina Frissora

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