Day 3

Meditation Fail

Today I deviated from the first two days of the journeying exercise in two ways:

I laid down to meditate and journey.
I started with a different visualization based on a dream from the night before.

I don’t really know what the new visualization based on the dream I had the night before would have resulted in because I fell asleep soon after beginning the journeying part of the exercise!


Timeline of Events

  • I had the frankincense incense burning.
  • I had the Road Opener candle lit.
  • I laid on a yoga mat with a lovely Mexican blanket under my neck.
  • I meditated and then started the journeying portion of the exercise.
  • The soreness in my back woke me up!

I’ll make a conservative estimate of 5 minutes of journeying took place before I was asleep. I don’t know when the dog curled up next to me on the yoga mat.

Mini-Journeying Recall

I did do a bit of journeying prior to falling asleep.

The dream from the night before was a co-worker and I traveling by bus with three 30 gallon trash cans full of papers in tow. I found that visual interesting enough to want to explore further in the journeying exercise.

I began the visualization on the bus with my co-worker and the trash cans and waited to see what would happen.

We rode happily for a little while. Smiling and talking. The bus stopped and we got off. She pulled two of the trash cans and I pulled one off the bus. We were at a freeway entrance ramp that we proceeded to walk up with our trash cans.

A darkness began heading towards us and swallowed us up. It was like a scene transition because a second later we were stepping up onto a landing (with our trash cans) of the exterior of a building. My co-worker (with her trash cans) went into the door directly in front of us. the sign on the door said “1st GRADE.” She was smiling and was greeted warmly by the people already in the room.

I left my trash can against the railing and walked farther down the landing.

And that’s all I remember!

Where was I headed? What wisdom and knowledge awaited me?