Day one blend of challenge and fun at Andela Boot camp

The Andela boot camp is here am sure every applicant of the all female cohort XVI who succeeded to get to the boot camp is excited, I am too. Having heard, read and told how intense boot camp is, I was so prepared. Honestly its intensity surpassed my expectations. well,am ready and up for the challenge. Besides being challenging, the first day at Andela was fun and I got to meet and talk to brilliant minds my facilitator Jojo being one of them.

The day began with us playing games with the other Andela fellows which was a nice way to relieve all the pressure. Then there came our facilitators who we got to meet, interact and learn quite a lot from. There were a lot of challenges when serious learning business began but this is no reason to lag behind.

I got to learn much in less than three hours. Everything seemed new and tough at the beginning besides having gone through them using the resources sent to us. The most challenging part was learning about the virtual control systems, git commands, test driven environment and going practical on our machines. The topic on programming logic was very interesting and less challenging but my best part was on growth mindset which motivated me and I know it will keep me going for the rest of my life. Like I said before it is a mixture of challenge and fun unless technology is not your passion.

Learning a couple of new things and delivering within a short span of time was also challenging but I know it is a good thing for all of us. I can not say I had too many learning challenges because anyway I am here to learn.

Andela is the best place to be for the lovers of technology with brilliant minds and an ideal growth mindset. If someone pulled me out of the bootcamp tonight becauses of unavoidable circumstances, I would majestically walk out with my head high having learnt a lot in a day and still come over and over until I make it. For now lets work together improve on our skills, make Andela a place to be and the world a better place to be using technology.

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