Developed a new passion

My first two days were a bit relaxed since it was more about putting what I had learnt to use of-course besides Test Driven Development(TDD)which drove me to a point where I felt like this was too much for me to handle.Today was different, it all started well when because the qualified challenges weren't all that hard.

“A simple command line that consumes a public API using an HTTP client library”, now I cant really find the words to explain what this sounded like to me. This seemed like building a rocket in one day, I did all I had to do first and decided to take a break since I was some what sure this would make my brain hurt. But the one thing I have learnt in the past two days is to call on your friends at all times, so I decided to give one of my teammates a call so he could take me through it all as I waited for power to stabilize.

A s much as it gets harder day by day, I still haven't lost the morale because its still interesting, I mean today I felt pretty cool knowing I had built something where you just enter a city name and it returns the weather at that time. Everyday I thought that stuff is built by geniuses but hey, have built something and however small they are sure I will get to build a rocket soon.

At the end of each day, am tired, my brain is exhausted but when I look at what I did the whole day it just gives me great happiness to have been accepted in this boot-camp and pushes me to learn more. I have learnt so much in these few days more than I could have done on my own, sharing information amongst ourselves has been really helpful.

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