testobject platform bug fixes

This week was all about bug fixing and improvements: we have Appium improvements regarding the test reports loading time and live view. We have also enhanced user experience on our platform overall. You will not lose your device anymore if your connection breaks off for a short time or your connection is poor. You will also see right away if a device is in use if you copy-paste a URL into the URL-bar instead of manually picking the device. We have also fixed some bugs: you are now again able to switch devices during a manual testing session or change the device language!

TestObject Platform Improvements

  • This first improvement is about making sure that the device you are using for testing does not become available in the pool if you have a poor internet connection or your internet breaks off for a very short time. Our manual testing client will try to reconnect.
  • We took care of the “in use” status of devices. If you enter the URL for manual testing or refresh the page with device information in the URL and the device you want to use for testing is already in use, you’ll see a screen saying “This device is currently in use”. This way you don’t even have to wait for the loading time.
  • As it was before if you would enter the URL or refreshed the page and you would see a screen showing first “allocating”, like it usually happens if you select a device, and then “Oops, something went wrong”, if the device happened to be taken. This new screen will allow you to speed up your testing process.
  • There is also one major enhancement that will prevent the wifi from switching off or change network when confirming credentials during Play Store login, reducing failures.

TestObject Platform Bug Fixes

Appium bug fixes

There have been two major bug fixes for Appium: one regarding the test reports loading time and the other one regarding the Appium sessions with live view.

  1. We were able to reduce and optimize the Appium test reports loading time as well as stabilize it, so now you’ll have you test reports ready in just more than a minute. We noticed that if you run a lot of test cases, e.g. 10000. the test report would take either a very long time to be generated or it would just break off, leaving you to do run the test cases again.
  2. Users were also struggling with one other bug: during an Appium session, you can open live view to see what is happening. Before if you closed live view, the test run would also be terminated, causing users to start the Appium session all over again.
     Now we fixed that, so that you can watch the test in live view, but the test will continue if you close the “live view” window.

Bug fixes for manual testing

As you might know, we have a feature in manual testing that let’s you switch devices during manual testing session without ending the session. This feature wasn’t working properly last week but now this bug is fixed and you can again switch devices during your test session.

Changing languages during manual testing wasn’t also working as well as planned: the language list wasn’t loading completely. As for now, you can select again any language on the testing device and see how your app behaves.

change language

We also improved your testing experience by making sure that the browser is not caching any kind of information so that logs, test reports and other information are always displayed correctly.
 The problem here was information not showing properly due to browser caching. Users would have to clean their browser cache to display information in the correct way.

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