Initial Data Post Market Re-opening

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Since our last article one month ago, the property market has slowly opened its doors since May-12 where socially distanced viewings can take place and house moves are no longer discouraged. In this write up, we look at the initial indications around the sales market that have emerged in the last few weeks, as well as taking a closer look at the rental market.

Sales Market Update

There is definitely some reported “positivity” from estate agents reporting being very busy across the country, to Zoopla noting demand in sales now stands at 20% higher than the start of…

Kinden Property | 2020 May 05

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Immediate Impact

Even before the lockdown restrictions were put in place, Zoopla reported a rapid decline in online browsing and registered demand since March 13th (when Boris Johnson asked the nation to work from home if you can). This bottomed out at around the end of March at a level that is -70% compared to activities as of March 1. Since then, browsing levels have recovered partially, more so than registered demand.

However, the severity of the drop is more of a “delay interest” rather than “stopped looking altogether” as evident in the improving demand as…

Summary of Text Data Transformation Methods for NLP

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Why do we care about Feature Engineering

Once you have a baseline model for whatever problem you are trying to solve, you want to improve it. While trying to fit different types of model is certainly one way to go about it, and trying to find the optimum hyper-parameter will help. Another important step to consider is feature engineering. Known as the secret source to create better-performing machine learning models, often it can dramatically improve the performance of your models.

Feature engineering is even more important for textual data, being unstructured data, you would always need to convert the…

Step by Step Guide on How to build a simple Credit Scorecard

Source: NerdWallet


In the rise of fintech start-ups, there have been many new consumer credit lenders set up in the last 5 years competing with the traditional banks. They often target niche segments that banks deem too small or had to trim back lending on post losses incurred during the financial crisis.

One of the main competitive advantages for these new online-only consumer lenders is the tech element, without the drag of legacy I.T. …

with a brief introduction of underlying modelling methods

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While we can all agree that Big Data and Machine Learning forms the core business strategy of tech giants like Google and Netflix. Data science has made its way through to most industries, with major corporations putting in place data science teams to take advantage of the data they own and turn it into actionable business insights that will end up boosting the top line.

The retail sector is no exception. …

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Ex-Investment Banking ABS trader. Bootcamp graduate. | Now director at Kinden Property |

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