Birthday Bliss: a Buzz Cut, Soup, Jammies and Seven Episodes of West Wing

Hangin’ with my West Wing peeps.

Not gonna lie, today I completely let my hair down. What’s left of it.

For my birthday, I buzzed my hair. I do this from time to time. No reason, it’s just a thing I do from time to time.
a) It saves time. (For months, I never have to fuss with my hair.)
b) It triggers more mindfulness. (Without hair, my facial expression is much more noticeable. So negativity makes me look awful. But compassion and love make me look great. See? We can find enlightenment by walking through the door of vanity. Heh heh…) And,
c) I just feel freer this way.

My beloved wife had outdone herself yesterday with surprise tickets to the National Geographic Ocean Encounter exhibit, and lunch at a new vegan restaurant which, sadly, we can’t recommend (Divya’s Kitchen). But I love her so much for thinking of me, and doing things that were specifically geared toward my preferences. This is the kind of thing that makes a marriage sweet and strong.

Today, she made a delicious soup, which really sealed the bliss deal for me.

So: Hair buzz, check. Soup, check. And the cherry on top of it all is a day-long West Wing marathon. I stayed in my jammies, and watched as many episodes as I could without my eyes falling out. I started at the very beginning. Every couple of years I go through this. It reminds me of when we had hope. When we valued intelligence, and social justice, and integrity, and humility.

Many blessings to you all.

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