Hidden Connections

I’m grateful today for the countless beings connected to me…

the woman on the assembly line that installed the door handles on the left side of the truck that delivered my package yesterday.

The people who paved the road in the hot sun, the road I drive on almost every day without thinking. How smooth it is. What easy passage I have.

The man who drove the tractor that excavated the ground so my home could be built. Where would I be without him?

The blessed people, bent over all day long, who picked my strawberries.

The guy who oversees the machinery printing out the labels for my Excedrin for Migraine. The people who make the bottles it comes in.

Whoever planted the trees in my neighborhood.

The woman who showed up every day in the Roach Coach to feed the workers in the company that built the cash registers that the Keyfood near me uses.

The cotton farmers that are the (sort of) beginning point of the shirt I’m wearing right now.

The rain that fell and the sun that fell on the land that grew that cotton.

The people in my therapist’s childhood, and their parents — else, how could she speak to me so well and so clearly?

Do you see how it never ends? 
We are all…all…connected. 
From every direction.

May everyone and everything connect to me be blessed.