When the End Isn’t the End of the Story
Louise Foerster

Louise! I know this place. I know it in songwriting, though. Once, decades ago, I’d written a song that I thought was fantastic. When I sang it for my then husband, it fell flat. I sank into a depression so fast, it only took a half hour to question my validity as a human being. The song wouldn’t leave me alone. That particular situation was a little different because it wasn’t the ending that needed tweaking — I just needed to realize that one of the verses was unnecessary. Once I left out the extra fat, it was perfect! It sang, it flew!

What a great re-imagining of the relationship between writer and written word as mother and child! Loved this so much.

It made me really wish I could talk to you about a project I have in my back pocket, one that’s feels bigger than I can tackle…even though I’ve started. Many, many times…