Making the Goods Visible

We’re so hardwired to complain.
Today I’m pushing back. Today, I’ve got an app running in my heart that highlights, bolds, and makes the font bigger for everything good that happens.

The rough looking guy that held the door open for me when I was coming out of the store.

The car (I never looked at who was driving) that made way for me so I could slip into the traffic stream.

The organic blueberries my wife bought me, because they were from a local farm and not from Driscoll’s, and she knows that matters to me.

The encouraging text she sent just after a family difficulty.

The sweet cool breeze that blew, while I walked my dog this morning.

Little teeny, tiny things that could so easily be overlooked. There’s a guy who walks his little mop dog at the park every day. He walks slowly, with extreme difficulty; and I’ve always respected that he gets out and walks his dog every day, given what it costs him physically. We run into him all the time. He won’t smile, won’t talk.

Yesterday, there was an imperceptible nod and an almost smile.

Like that (picture an arrow pointing up here). That’s how noticeable I’m going to make every single good thing that happens today.

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