This Is Why Abu Dhabi Is So Famous!

Located 2 hours south of Dubai, this ultra oil rich capital of United Arab Emirates presents fascinating mash-up of progression and tradition. Modern and luxury buildings all over the city change its face and are still growing up and out. It lies on a T-shaped island in the Persian Gulf and is considered as fourth most expensive city for expats in the region. Its dramatically change from fishing village into modern and shamelessly wealthy city in the past thirty years is eye-catching. You might be thinking how to reach here. Well, there are many flight services from different countries. Some flights do provide inexpensive air tickets such as cheap Lufthansa airlines flights tickets, and more. Though, these are just a few points that paint a bleak picture of Abu Dhabi, but there are many other key highlights as well. Let’s break it down further:

• The Mangroves

There are approx 2300 hectares of the planet-made mangrove forest which provides great habitat for turtles, fish species, sea bream, snapper, shrimp and more. Also, it offers a safe home for birds nesting, egg laying and migrating. Apart from all this, it is a rich source of fuel and food.

• Du Arena

It is the biggest live music venue where one can feel the buzz of the crowd. From musical legends to new talent, this open door venue, with cooling system, has hosted world’s biggest entertainment names.

• The Corniche road

It spread across eight kilometers from Hilton hotel to Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street and includes pedestrian pathways, children’s play areas, cafes and restaurants. It has three separate sections mainly for families, singles and general public.

• Yas Links

Yas Links is designed by world’s famous architect and named as ‘The World’s Top City Golf Clubs’ by CNN Travel. Counted in world’s top 25 courses and surrounded by lush mangroves, this award-winning golf course has 112 bunkers. People with Golf craze, who want to get here, can reserve their seats online with any airline such as Lufthansa airlines reservations online, which make trip easy to much extent.

• Islands of Abu Dhabi

With more than 200 islands and some manmade islands too, Abu Dhabi’s each island offers something unique to its visitors. Yas Island, Coconut Island, Saadiyat Island, Nurai Island, Dalma Island- are few to name. Yas Island is a major tourist attraction and occupies around 2500 hectares of land. Further, Coconut Island, with various coconut palms, has various 5 star hotels and resorts.

• Masdar City

World’s most sustainable eco-city, this city is designed to reduce water consumption and energy to make the community livable and accessible. Masdar City combines modern technology with Arabic architectural technique.

• Liwa Oasis

Situated in South West of Abu Dhabi, Liwa Oasis gives tourists the opportunity to see the vast expanse of desert. Liwa desert Safari, dune bashing, sand boarding, etc., are few activities that can be performed.

• Ferrari World

One can assume from the name what this place is about. This Ferrari themed amusement park is a popular getaway for all ages. It is most preferred destination for adventure lovers and some of the gaming concepts are Speed of Magic, The Racing Legends, Fast Lane, Paddock, Tyre Twist and much more.

On the ending note, Abu Dhabi is a smaller and quieter city as well as bit traditional. However, one can find more rooms to tailor their own lifestyle.

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