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For those that follow me on Facebook and Instagram, I posted about Trust a few months ago. I wanted to delve deeper into that post as it has been in the forefront of my mind as of late. I’ll start with my post, and then will talk further:

“It’s been awhile since I’ve put my thoughts in the open on paper like I used to regularly do with my blog. I hope to start writing in there again when I have time. TRUST. The word that is burning in my mind the most as of late. Trust the process, the…

This is something I have been working on for some time now. Some of you have seen it on Instagram (tinamartin4) Twitter (tinavballer) or Facebook (Tina Martin), while others may be seeing this for the first time. I hope it inspires you to create your own mantra that you hope and try to live by. I have continued to tweak it, and I try to live by this as much as possible in my life. I don’t want to be remembered when I die as someone who didn’t follow through on my word. Word and action mean so much to…

My life has pretty much been in fast forward since I can remember. This was great for learning organizational and time management skills, as well as getting into a routine. By staying busy and focused, I raised my volleyball game to the professional level, opened my own personal training business, and received a college degree, to name a few. Along with the great accomplishments, there are negative experiences too. Because of my fast lifestyle, I tend to jump into things too quickly and wish I chose differently later on, feeling bored and craving the next adventure. I’ve been burned for…

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I have written on and off for a few years now. I used to have an account through wordpress and plan to transfer my original writing here first and then will add some of my newer writing. I plan to write about happiness, fitness, life, and everything in between. I hope I inspire you to keep on your own individual journey and see the best out of every situation. For years I’ve kept it all inside, but in the last five years or so have opened up more. I realized the pain and hardships I’ve dealt with in the past…

Tina Martin

Badger CrossFit Head Coach / lululemon Third Ward Ambassador / Catalyst Life Coach In Training / TriggerPoint Brand Ambassador & Athlete / Backroads Tour Guide

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