How the Tiny Home Community Responded to My Post
Lauren Modery

I have always lived with a crap ton of belongings..mine, inherited or my childs. I had a library that would fill a bedroom and flow off of shelves…Got rid of them after finding their electronic copy. Boom, less stuff to drag around. The feel of a book in my hand I do enjoy, but now its enjoyed as a loan from a library instead of needing to own it forever. I find that if I have not used or looked at it in a six month period then it needs to find another “forever” home. Like rehoming family pets, your belongings often will wander into new homes if you can let them go. That’s the rub, you have to let them go..Like children who have grown up and want to explore without the leading strings, and that stupid Disney song…Let “them” go…Minimalism has it’s own charm after all.

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