You misunderstand.

Protect “the host”???? One assumes you mean the WOMAN. Fifty plus years ago, my mother had a troubled pregnancy; the doctor and my parents had a frank discussion about all possible outcomes. My father said if a choice must be made, I choose my wife. I know her, and I love her. My father himself told me this, and he is my number one fan. I understood, and told him so. Have I had a good life? You bet. Has my mother (not my “host”) had a good life? You bet. She was unable to carry any other pregnancy to term. Do any of us regret one damn thing? Nope. When my own life was threatened by an unviable pregnancy, my father said “I choose you I know you, and I love you.” I was unable to carry a child to term, and have remained childless. Does any, and every, woman deserve to make her own, personal, choice? YOU BET WE DO.

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