Absent-Minded? Notice yourself.

An experiment in self-consciousness.

In a world seemingly extremely, fast-forwardly paced, slow down a little and get to know yourself. Hit the pause button for a second, and notice what is taking place, to your body, both physically and mentally. You may take it deeper to a spiritual level if you wish; although, this articles focus is primarily on the body and mind. It’s also perfectly alright to sit back, relax, and press rewind into your past and replay a memory in order to study yourself. I strongly believe that knowing thyself will lead you to a better understanding of what is occurring on the inside and to the outside of your body and mind, and therefore assist you tremendously at making changes, learning your behavior or whatever you wish to gain from this, may it simply observational.

“Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control; these three alone lead to one sovereign power.” Alfred Lord Tennyson

Don’t confuse this experiment with living in the moment, I merely ask that you are aware and conscious of your body’s reactions, movements, and quirks. Like meditation while your body is on autopilot. At the same time, if possible, pay attention to what you are thinking, saying or whatever is on your mind or not. Your mind may be blank. Pay attention to your breathing and everything you possibly can, during a time you are alone and maybe doing a task. This may seem daunting, so I’ve simplified it. Just move in slow motion, but not too slow, and think of your body as a whole moving as one, instead of separate limbs and such. Best done when alone. I want you to notice if anything is off, or acting as separate, random or uncontrollable, for example: Blinking when you really don’t need to, shoulder shrugging, finger movements, toes wiggling etc. Another observation, you may perform is to try and sit completely still, naturally and comfortably. Try not to be tense or stiff and repeat the above observances. The point is to be aware and hopefully control your entire self, knowing the root of all movements and behaviors. When you are ready you can perform this in the real world around others. I once noticed someone trying to hypnotize me, believe it or not. I noticed a long list of occurrences, some may scare you.

I have not provided a solution because I want that to be your doing. I stress that everyone is unique and you can only cure yourself. Individualized techniques and solutions give you better results, after all, you know you the best, and now hopefully, in another manner. This development may assist you with issues you would like to improve about yourself or take control of. I find that positive tense affirmations recited in the mind, work wonders for me. What works for you?