What’s up with politics?

By Tina Olivero

It’s an absolute S*** show!

What we see, for the most part, in the political news these days, is one party pitted against the other. Each political party being right about their position and each party trying to find ways to put the other party down. It’s a small game played by small minds.

Why is it that the political parties of today have one primary agenda and that agenda is to make the others look bad, look stupid, look wrong look dumb, or look absurd.

The political arena has turned into a junk box of name-calling, slandering, putdowns and drama. We justify the brow beatings saying, it has always been that way!

Has it?

And this is what we see on television day in and day out. And this is what our kids watch on television day in and day out.

If this is what we are presenting to the world as reality through Public television, radio and newspapers is it any wonder that our children are messed up and lashing out in schools?

Is the behavior of children in schools a replica for what we see on the news and in our political arena?Probably so, as it seems to mimic the bullying epidemic. Taunting, bullying, pushing and forcing the upper dominant hand has become a way of life in politics and it has echoed into society in countless destructive ways.

And we buy it, we watch it, we crave it and we justify it. But at what cost?

Have we stopped long enough to think about the long-term effects of the short-term drama high?

Have we realized what we’ve done to the political culture by ensuring that most qualified well-suited people who truly care, would never step up to such a circus of self-destruction?

Why is it that every person that steps up into the political arena must have such “thick skin” that no matter what anybody says to them, it doesn’t affect them. That one of the politicians job requirement is to become desensitized to satiate the will of little minds.

And why is it that if political bullying does affect them, they are not considers political leaders they are considered wimps or not strong enough.

Is that the truth?

Why are we hungry for the fight, the drama, the negativity and the demise?

What is it we are truly hungry for?

When a person gives of mind, body, resources, time, to serve politically it is because they authentically give a S***!

So why do we claw them back and beat them into the ground?

And why do we transfer that same unethical behaviour into government departments, leadership in our corporations and leadership in our organizations?

At what point did we decide that it was better to put leaders down so that we could feel up?

At what point did we give in and accept the negativity and engagement of the 6 o’clock news as if it accurately represented realityIs it worth the destruction of our positive, energized, supporting, sustainable minds?

I can’t help but wonder, are these depressed conversations part of the reason why we have an epidemic of depression?

Wake up dear sheep, that you may not follow each other over the cliff of small minds and troubled souls.

Wake up to the illusions of politics, media and drama. And most of all wake up to the fact that the only reason it happens is because we buy it.

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