Boots: A Writing Exercise

5X5X5 exercise

“Their friends had always said they’d die with their boots on.” A lot of them had. But Ezekial had always held onto the dreams of one day becoming someone great. And he would — one day. He had to remind himself of this every time he slipped into his boots.

The man named Ezekial sat at the edge of the mattress, running his fingers through his greasy black hair and tapping his toes to the rhythm of war; he was fighting a force within himself as he looked back and forth between his boots and the door. Sitting in only his underwear, he was mostly pale flesh and shadows over a pile of propped-up bones. His yellow teeth bit at his dry cracked lips as he sat there in silent and agonizing uncertainty. Finally, he let out a cursing breath and seized his boots in a hurry — quick before he changed his mind.

Outside of this room was chaos with the sounds of sirens, bullets, and screams, of desperate souls and violent beings. Inside of this room felt hollow, holding only an empty man and his few belongings: a mattress — second-hand and shabby, a wooden chair — wobbly with one short leg, a sink — never once cleaned, and a broken mirror — mostly fragments on the upswept floor. And, of course, his boots.

He slipped them on and quickly plugged the laces into the wall. Before he sat fully upright his senses were filled with his MyRoom account.

The room, fully furnished, was comfortable and quiet. A relaxing music played in the background. Adorned with posters of bands and naked women his room was fully customized. A well-dressed Ezekial leaned back and relaxed into the nice leather couch he now sat on. His arms, nothing but bronzed muscle, rested behind his head with ease.

One wall flashed with a new notification, “JayC2458(: Wants to be YOUR Friend!” pulsed in red and black. Ezekial grumbled and rolled his eyes as he waved these words away with the quick flick of his wrist.

A bell around him chimed and his wall was filled with a new notification. “Johnny420Cash$ Wants to Chat!” pulsed in green and black. With a come-hither motion Ezekial accepted the request. A doorbell chimed and a man in his late 30s appeared next to Ezekial on the couch, dressed in a full suit and tie.

“Johnnaaaayyy!! What’s up?” Ezekial sang and the two performed a special handshake.