Go from best-kept secret to industry leader

Have you ever noticed how the same people seem to get all the attention?It seems like every week, they’re showing up in a new place — interviewed on podcasts with thousands of listeners, quoted in prestigious magazines, and guest blogging for the biggest online sites.

You see them make announcements in their email newsletter like, “My new book just hit #1 on the bestseller list!”

Every time they open up their signature group program, hundreds of people flock to join on the very first day.

They write a heartfelt, vulnerable post on Facebook — and within an hour 300 people have “liked” it or shared it.

On the one hand, you’re happy for them.

It’s great that people are doing meaningful work + getting attention for it.

But there’s one thing that keeps nagging at you…

YOU are ready to share your message, too!

Because deep down, you’ve always known you were meant to do something big. To touch lives and impact the world.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

But it feels like you’re always watching others shine, while you’re still stuck on the sidelines.

Have you ever wondered, “When is it going to be my turn?”

I felt like that before working with my Publicity Mentor. I would wait for that opportunity to fall into my lap.

Since working with her I have been able to land those dream opportunities, gain more followers, reach and help more people. I have been fortunate enough to be featured on publications such as Daily Telegraph, Inspired Coach, KidMagazine, Huffington post and many more top sites. I have also helped my singing students with their messaging that landed them on television shows like The Voice.

You can do this too!

I have 3 steps to help guide you on the journey to spreading your valuable work and message to the world.

  1. Establish yourself as the “go-to” expert and pick your “go-to expert topic to share with top media outlets. You can download a list of 200 media outlets here.

2. Strategically plan your content, marketing and publicity using proven story ideas or a Publicity Insider Calendar which you can download here.

3. Create an action plan here, where you can define your big dreams, develop your media list, develop and pitch, prepare so you can over-deliver, go live with your post or content, and leverage your media win.

Here are 20 entrepreneur and creatives sharing their tips and advice on how they get their message out to the world. They are at all at different levels in their business, some have small business others have thousands of followings but each have valuable contributions to this article.

  1. Crystal Adair-BenningDestination Wedding Planner

My best PR advice is kindness. When you genuinely support and love your followers, you gain more. It doesn’t take a stunt — it takes authenticity. People see through hype but they fall in love with vulnerability and truth. Tell your story! Tribe will follow!

2. Renata Trebing Nourish with Renata

Most of my media was through HARO so that’s a good place to start. I think that writing interesting descriptions of the recipes, with lots of adjectives that describe how the food tastes, has been very helpful. Lastly, making sure my emails are short and succinct because most people don’t have time to read a novel!

3. Allie Wester Weddings by Allie

I found that posts that add value to your followers and or target market is the best thing to do for any Social Media platform. Also engaging with everyone that interacts on your posts.

4. Robin ChoeRelationships with Rob Podcast

Having a Professional Logo. FB ads. Instagramming. Podcasting. Facebook Groups. SEO/Blogging. All played a part. So I couldn’t narrow it to just one thing…but I do believe FB ads garnered the most followers, but it was consistent action that helped build the momentum inside my Facebook Groups.

5. Aaron MacAustralian TV Host

Being seen, collaborating and being consistent are the big three for me. Sure there’s extra tricks and techniques but without the foundation of good regular, valuable content and leveraging off a support crew of collaborator friends to niche audiences who will benefit from your expertise the rest of the tricks, tips and growth hacks won’t have any effect.

6. Amanda Easton Singer-Songwriter

The most important thing to me is building a fanbase that is really engaged and interested in what I’m doing, so quality over quantity. I recently deleted 200 email addresses from my list because I saw from my stats that those people hadn’t opened an email from me in 6 months. I believe aiming primarily for a viral video or a large number of likes is the wrong focus — it can dilute your effectiveness and skew your ability to get to the right people if you have a whole lot of ‘likes’ from people who don’t want to regularly engage with what you do. I do very targeted and A-B tested Facebook advertising to build my fanbase. Email is king. The secret for me has been to be consistent and have regular communication when my fanbase — the secret to any relationship really!

7. Andrew Baris Performing Artist

The X factor opened another door for me as an artist to explore the social media. However, it did not come easy to me to gain followers on facebook as well as instagram. Just recently, I just opened a new instagram account and another company offered me to manage it.

For the facebook page on the other hand, my mom had to help me post my page’s link on so many pages when My video on the X-factor was getting viral. I believe even though you gain lots of followers, you still need to work hard on your ‘content’. Consistency is a must in social media. You have to study your market and people who like you and dislike you. You have to try, try and try until you learn the social media tactics. I love social media because you have the power to create your own rules and the sky is the limit.

8. Davide di GiorgioBest Selling Author of BeingUNapologetic

The biggest and most foundational piece of advice that I give to my clients and follow myself: TELL EVERYONE.

My book “Being UNapologetic” went #1 on Amazon in 8 countries and #2 in 2 others. It wasn’t the launch team, the people who contributed or were featured in the book, or even my close community that caused that to happen. It was me telling everyone, obsessively about the project. It wasn’t, however, me just promoting the book! In fact, doing so had only a small effect on sales.

I CELEBRATED people who purchased the book regularly. On days that I celebrated more people, more books were sold. On days I did not celebrate, no books were sold.

By constantly telling everyone what I was up to by celebrating others, shining the spotlight on others, and expressing gratitude for their support, OTHER people wanted to join in on what was happening, and ultimately we grabbed the Best-Seller status around the world!

The only person getting bored with your projects is you. If you really believe in something, you will share it, obsessively!

9. Prita GrealyAustralian Singer Songwriter ‘Hip Soul Folk’ live loops

Best ways to engage audience online that I’ve found are to share the ups & the downs. People love to know what’s really going on and I’ve had way more engagement when I post something crappy that happened to me and how I feel or how I’m dealing with it … people love to get involved and come together to help.. for example I posted a fb comment about how I had to chuck a guy out of my show that was being disrespectful… I had over 372 real comments and engagements & 475 likes…

10. Jo MarieCreative Entrepreneur

My mission, vision and WHY in my business is to help improve Mental Health worldwide, because of my story. I openly share how I turned my struggles into my strengths and my vision to creatively optimise Mental Health in the world.

As a result of this, some key highlights have been receiving a grant with Australia Council for The Arts to pursue work in music and mental health. I received an Excellence in Performance Award sponsored by Fender. I also won first place in the Global Songwriters Contest for my song that shared my story about navigating my way through Mental Illness, and learning how to optimise my Mental Wellbeing.

Whilst these acknowledgements, and the excitement of being featured on community radio, digital and print media, is perceived as the “dream”, it’s sustainable because of my values and reminding myself of why I am doing all this in the first place.

11. Aprille Love Founder of Seaquatix

I was lucky to be an early adopter of Instagram which allowed me to generate a following while it was still a new platform.

“Authenticity” is a buzzword that gets thrown around when it comes to influencers in this space. While being authentic is important, the best influencers are those that actually plan their content.

Like any great movie or tv series that gets you hooked, there was some kind of storyboard that accompanied it. It didn’t just happen off the cuff. People come back and watch your stories because there are either relatable or aspirational and they know what kind of content they are going to get.

12. Seak SmithCo-Founder & CEO of unleaSHE

Don’t worry about the HOW, because the HOW is figured out in the process of doing.

Your biggest supporters are people you haven’t even met yet.

One of our company’s core value is collaboration. Before we approach influencers for a collaboration, we want to make sure they are aligned with our brand and we ask how can we bring value to him/her and how can we help facilitate their growth. You always want to provide value before you collaborate with anyone…influencers or other brands.

13. Michelle Leduc CatlinChief Executive Gatherer, Gather Your Wits

Everything I write, from blogs to videos to social media posts, including the email I sent to my subscribers, is not only in my voice, but it’s something I would like to receive. This has a dual purpose…

I feel good about what I put out into cyberspace, knowing that it represents me. And the other side of it is that I don’t have to count on a certain number of “opens” or “clicks” or “likes” to be satisfied with my work. I don’t have to attain a certain goal to feel fulfilled. The process, the work itself, is enough. The results become gravy. And since most of life is the journey and not the destination, I get to enjoy the whole ride.

14. Tom Martin President, Tom Martin Media, LLC Public Relations

When it comes to standing out from the crowd in the field of public relations, I am inspired by two great thinkers — cartoonist and author Scott Adams and my friend Bryan Mattimore, who is also an author and speaker. Both have said that the key to uniqueness is to combine “the familiar” with something unique or memorable. With that excellent advice in mind, when I meet with prospects or communicate via social media, I often let people know that I spent the first 20 years of my career as a television news producer with the nation’s most respected news organizations including CBS News, ABC News and CNN. I also add something unique to the image people have of a network news producer, and that is my passion for the field of personal development and also for spiritual topics.

15. Marian Bacol-UbaSpeaker, Conscious Business Coach and Founder of Thriver Lifestyle

I grew my following through COLLABORATION. I believe collaborating with other like-minded women who have similar but larger audiences than me has helped me grow my influence and following organically and with integrity.

16. Layra MarteCommunity architect| Digital Content Strategist The Sweet Beginner

Being consistent with my content and specific about what my theme was each week, has also supported me in my social media growth. I shared a video across all my platforms where I talked about my journey during a #90daysnoliqourchallenge. It went viral the minute I asked my community to share the video with their friends. I feel that as long as the topic you are discussing is relevant to your ideal client (your tribe) and is serving them, the sky is not the limit as far as going viral.

17. Courtney DanielCreator of The Courtney Daniel Brand

My way of sharing my message is simple — I send handwritten cards to potential and past clients. I’ve found this to be non-invasive, well received and memorable. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. A few minutes out of my day, a heartfelt message and a stamp is how I have grown and continue to grow my following.

18. Fideliz Cruz Life and Success Coach.

Collaboration and creating win-win situations for 2 individual business would be one i do. This gets both businesses out there to more audience and potential clients.

19. Charmaine Harris Yoga teacher

I am old fashioned and word of mouth has been the best form of advertising for me ! And it does help a teeny bit to have a partner who is the local postie! It’s nothing for Kim to deliver thousands of flyers for me regularly . I think my business is a humble one . And peaceful that way.

20. Jennifer Hicks- ThermoMax consultant

Be YOURSELF don’t fall into the copy paste Instagram world — people want to connect with the real you.

Remember the media today is looking for different voices and different perspectives to feature.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Get Your Ideas Out There. Media outlets put YOU in front of thousands, or even millions of people.

Stand Out From the Crowd. Get noticed, even in a sea of people doing work similar to yours.

Help More People. When you’re seen as an expert, people take you seriously, and they take in your message more deeply.

My mentor Selena Soo, a brilliant publicity and marketing strategist, wants to help you with this.

She’s hosting a webinar where she’ll show you what it takes to get the visibility opportunities you’ve always dreamed of.

From “Best-Kept Secret” to Industry Leader: 3 Publicity Secrets to Multiply Your Revenue, Reach More People, and Change the World. Save your spot here.

It’s time to stop waiting on the sidelines, watching others shine.

It’s your turn to stand out. And it’s easier than you think…

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