New impossible object logo for Twinedge

Back when I had a design firm called Spoonbend, we used a series of visuals of impossible objects as brand illustrations. Since then, I’ve been a fan of these visuals that confound the eyes.

I created a new impossible object to serve as Twinedge’s logo. The two three-dimensional angles interact and relate to one another… but it’s not possible to exist in 3D space because neither intersection can exist in front.

Not only did I want the logo to be visually interesting, but I wanted it to represent what Twinedge does… which is to accomplish seemingly impossible integrations. Apologies for my non-techie speak… it seems like making a complex point of sale system or medical records system exchange data seamlessly with something completely different, like an app or a website, is next to impossible.

I’m hoping the outcome of this design aligns with Twinedge’s purpose. A multi-faceted, complex design that presents itself with a neat simplicity. Twinedge’s integrations are multi-faceted, complex, and seemingly impossible… But the outcome is a neat simplicity of seamless integration for their clients.

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