Current Events Fatigue

I had a bad day yesterday. I had a fatigue spell brought on by a poor night’s sleep and I spent the day resting, in front of the computer, and also in front of the TV.

Although I don’t watch a great deal of news these days, I see it discussed on social media and there’s no way I can really get away from it. Yesterday the big discussion was of the health care bill passed by the GOP.

From the reaction on social media, I almost thought that I should be planning my funeral, since the bill apparently guarantees the death of all Americans due to lack of health care. (sarcasm mode on.)

I’ve hit the wall where it comes to things that I “should” care about. A friend of mine said yesterday that when everything is life or death, nothing is life or death. Being bombarded with everything that I “should” care about is leaving me apathetic and caring about nothing.

I need to be selective about the things I care about, and if that means that I don’t care about things that people think I “should” care about, well . . . so be it!

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