The Wham Shot

(Note: Contains spoilers from the September 26th episode of This Is Us. If you haven’t seen the episode or don’t want to know about the episode, do not read the following entry!)

(Spoiler space below)

TV calls it the Wham Shot.

Last night, Mandy Moore drove up to the exterior of a burned-out house and shrieked, and with that one shot, the producers of This Is Us broke the hearts of America.

For anyone unfamiliar with the show, This Is Us simultaneously follows the past and present stories of the Pearson family: Jack, Rebecca, and their three children Kevin, Kate, and Randall.

We’ve known since about the middle of the first season that Jack Pearson died when the kids were teenagers. We’ve known since the second episode that Rebecca ended up marrying Miguel, Jack’s best friend. What we haven’t known is, how does Jack die?

Last night, in the premiere of the second season, This Is Us dropped a major clue as to Jack Pearson’s death.

The first season ended with a vicious argument between Jack and Rebecca, resulting in Jack’s moving out. The second season opened with Jack staying at Miguel’s house.

In the “present day” scenes, Kevin, Kate and Randall are celebrating their 37th birthday. Kate is gathering up the courage to pursue a career as a singer, Kevin is making a movie with Ron Howard (who appears in a short scene), and Randall and his wife are exploring the possibility of adopting another child.

The end of the first episode shows Rebecca going to Miguel’s house, banging on the door, demanding to talk to Jack.

She says they can work things out together.

He admits to being an alcoholic, that he’s been drunk all day, and that he needs to work this out alone.

He closes the door.

She bangs on it again.

He opens it.

She orders him to get in the car, that they would work things out together.

They drive home, with her saying that things would be okay and that they’d get back to normal.

Cut to Rebecca, wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, driving alone in the car. A plastic bag with various items sits next to her on the seat.

Cut to a shot of Miguel.

Cut to a shot of Randall and Kate as teenagers, crying; Kate saying, we need to find Kevin.

Cut to a shot of Kate’s leg in a signed cast.

Cut to a shot of the red mailbox reading “Pearson”.

Cut to Rebecca sitting in the car, wailing and sobbing.

Camera tilts up to the shell of a burned-out house.

Wham shot.

Like others, I’m a bit confused with the final shots. Did Rebecca really go over to Miguel’s house? Did Jack really tell her he was an alcoholic? Did Rebecca really order him to get into the car and drive him home?

Was all of that just a figment of Rebecca’s imagination, something she wished she’d done and didn’t do?

Was the part where Rebecca ordered Jack to get in the car just a figment of her imagination? As in, “If I’d just done this, Jack would never have died”?

Or did all of it really happen?

We know that Jack Pearson is dead.

We now know that it had something to do with a house fire.

What other wham shots do the producers of This Is Us have in store for us this season?

We can’t wait to find out.