Guilt-Free Growth

Hey you, dreamer. Yeah YOU….You know that guy who constantly tell’s you to , “just chill”, or that chick who’s always on your case about “working to hard” and “not going out enough”. Ya those guy’s, they’ve gotta go…Not like GO GO as in like death or anything crazy like that, but as far as you’re life’s concerned, they’re not helping.

A new vision for your lives is like a new born who needs a lot of attention, plenty of nurturing, and as positive an environment as possible.

Dream chasers tend to have a sense of urgency about the thing’s they desire out of their lives, whether it be losing that 50 pounds, finally writing that novel, or starting that business. Dream killer’s, however, stroll around with an impartial and apathetic attitude about most thing’s that they “really want to do”

People who are toxic to our dreams usually come in the form that closely resembles a CO2 type of gas, and less of a nuclear explosion; most times you can’t even smell them coming. Some of these people may even feel they have the test intentions, but their internalized fear’s can draw us back into the dreaded helms of mediocrity.

The fact that most of our relationships may have formed before we began our pursuits in life means most of the people that surround us are used the old version of us. Often times those who have been round us for elongated periods of time only want to hold us back because they feel they will be left begin, when in reality everybody has a choice in life of whether to stay back or growth.

When the chick who you used to go clubbing with three times a weekend begin’s asking why “ you’re no fun anymore”, well that is simply an indicator that you have begun you’re process of self-development. Most time’s those who see us grow, but to not aspire for the same in their own lifes begin to try and give us a guilty conscience for no longer being the same. You should take the statement “ you’ve changed” as the highest compliment”.

Society has created a certain stigma around self development, and it’s most key element which is removing the people, places, and things that were aiding in our self sabotage. “Cutting people off” has only become a recent phenomena within this generation’s, yet I still question if it is for the right reason’s, I digress.

In my own view point, to cut somebody out of you’re current life would mean to hold no begrudging feeling towards the individual, and instead appreciate what that person brought into your life.

There are 7 billion plus people on the planet today, and not all of them are meant to be a part of our story. Some people are in our lives for an episode, some for a season, and few are here for the entire series.

There is no need to hold onto something that is no longer servicing our growth. To be loyal to somebody that is comfortable in their own regression is to aid your own sabotage.

It is a full time job to change ourselves, let alone go out and try change others. The only way we can truly inspire others to want growth for themselves is to be an example of it. If you want to help those who move forward, go out and develop yourself then give them the knowledge on how they may do the same; whether they follow this advice or not is their own jurisdiction.

Imagine being overweight and your best friend is overweight, and you continuously tell your best friend that you both need to get healthier and lose weight. After having a half an hour conversation on bettering your health you drive over to 5 guy’s and share a four cheese burgers with a side of cajun style fries, in such a situation you’re words hold no weight ( all pun intended ). If you however went out and began living a healthier lifestyle and came back to your friend with the psychical evidence of your word, well that might just cause a chain reaction.

There will be some in your life who may be threatened by your success, or even belittle you’re achievement. As far as I’m concentered you can thank the negative individuals in your life for making it that much easier to known who to keep around and who to unlatch from.