Blog Club: My opinion on anonymity as a blogger

This week at the blog club, we have decided to write something about the tricky issue of anonymity versus blogging under our real name.

I think it is perfectly alright to choose an alias as a blogger — our parents did not ask us anyway whether we were okay with the first name they chose for us and we had to accept the family name automatically.

This whole issue is even more relevant to women, because in some parts of the world we still have to give up our last names once we marry, which can feel like losing our identity and this could be another good reason for at least being able to choose our identity ourself as a blogger.

In addition, some people are working in steady jobs and do not want their employers to know about their blogs, and why should they not lead a seperate life outside the workspace? You do not have to look at it in a “Jekyl and Hyde” bad kind of way — would it not rather be a shame if you had to deprive the world of all your potential great work just because you can’t or don’t want to reveal your “real” name? And what does “real” mean anyway? I believe the most “real” name is the one that we are most comfortable with ourselves.

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