New Face of International Business

From this moment on we all are starting to observe a new wave of business management. It is based on the principles of equality and humanity. And, to my mind, it is reasonable. And it’s smart. And it smells like future!

Customer’s and employee’s emotions is the new key to success. Many companies has proven it by their own example (Google, Apple, Zappos ) and most of newcomers (and even old market players) are striving to replicate these outstanding results. So the new management strategy should become an example of harmony between ratio & emotion. Managers from all over the world are coming up with an idea that business should become more soulful, gentle and sincere. How do you think where these emotions and kindness will come from? Where do they come from usually, genuinely?

Women were doing all of the emotional work in the human’s history. All the female nature is focused on other persons: on body language, on the psychological conditions, on the quality of relationships. There was a lack of women in management and technologies, but now we can see what a huge changes are coming and how deeply it will impact all the business in the world.

This is literally an ocean of new opportunities for every each women. Now woman should not learn to be a man. She has her own values and skills which should be successfully applied.

I hope that the stoned heart of technology will be melt by the sense-full management and it will bring us to completely new era of work. Work that makes you feel good. Work that gives you happiness. At least, I want to believe so.