How I Became Mighty

Tina Urso McDaniel 2017

Shall I apologize for

the broken

pieces, the

ended things, that

collect at the base of

my many falls?

Should I be sorry that

Distractedly fascinated

By the sky they

Did not notice I reflected, until


I did not, they

Slipped over

The edge with

No warning?

Should I feel


my signs were not clear enough?

It’s true I tried to tell them softly at first,

hoping as they slipped along my gentle curves they would

glimpse my perfect recreation of the sky

slowly becoming less perfect as I started to

remember myself.

They could or would not see.

Narrowly slipping past the

Small dangers I

warned them but

They noticed no


A rock here, an eddy there

Thus I began to learn my strength

Feeling the power of my collective fluidity

As it met and flowed past minor resistance.

While they gaped upward in sleepy adoration, stopping only to complain about the rain,

I grew more bold and mighty by the day

Until finally the reflection they never saw was gone,

Roiling in loud and textured silence;

swirling them towards a sturdy branch, I made a final offering,

They had only to look, reach…

I and the sky have wept tears over your ignorance

I have tumbled your leavings around and around

Trying to smooth over the violence of our misunderstanding


I have


myself and I

will not





the sky.

Originally published at on February 15, 2017.