Today, I came across some reminders about social media and its effects on our mundane lives with us being so unaware, so stupid to notice. I know it’s become a cliché to talk about this these days, but I thought it was a good idea today, since these signs lead me to the deletion of my social media accounts.

I was going through my snaps, as if flipping through the daily paper — something completely normal and nothing out of the ordinary, — when my thumb got numb over tapping the screen so much. Man, these people don’t let us miss anything, I thought. Wow, Elsa was sleeping with her dog, oh and Chris was having lunch at that new restaurant, and Brian at that very posh pool…

I know what you’re thinking. But no, that’s not what I do all day. I actually happen to have lots of hobbies, among them is reading, and I have been growing a kind of obsession over philosophy recently (I have an app on my phone that notifies me everyday with a new quote). And I have been reading the novel Sophie’s world by Jostein Gaarder, a novel I’m so fascinated by.

So I was reading through it before lunch, when I came across something that really caught my attention. The author was talking about life, and how wise it is to wonder about where we came from, our history and the architecture that came along. Wondering about the world in general was something a lot of people lack, in particular grown ups. As for philosophers, the author continued, they shared a common thing with children. The curiosity and astonishments that came with it, the excitement of seeing something for the first time and wondering what it was, how it was built, why it acted this way… was a quality, he believed, philosophers and young ones had in common. Philosophers never lost that interest in the world, in learning something new and still ask themselves about it. Then the author talked about them (the philosophers) being troublemakers, rebels in a way, not following the conventional rules of society. While “normal people” (referring to the people ignoring the wonder that is the world) nattering over a cup of coffee, ignoring the “troublemakers” and going on asking about the stocks, the price of tomatoes, and the pregnancy of Princess Di.

Those very few words at the end really hit me. They felt like a slap in the face, and made me really wake up and realize how stupid I have been. How clueless of me to be interested in such trivial matters.

That was not all. My phone beeped with that philosophy app notification, right in time, leaving me dumbstruck with a very dead-on quote.

“Ne vous souciez pas de n’être pas remarqué; cherchez plutôt à faire quelque chose de remarquable. ”— Confucius.

By then, I had had enough.

When did we become so insignificant, so ignorant towards the world? Moreover, when did we become online actors, publishing our lives in a way seeming so regular, so usual, being more excited about “checking-in” to restaurants than actually enjoying our time there? They want us to think living our lives online is better, and those who don’t post updates of where they’ve been, what they’ve done, were actually losers, nobodies who never go out.

Well I for one have decided to put an end to this nonsense. How did I let this new cyber world gradually suck me in, and pull me through an inevitable and never-ending world of advertising? Why do I need to fit in to the “rules” of this new society in order to be accepted? Who are they to tell me how to live my life? Who are they to make me feel inferior for not being in the mood to post a snap every moment of my daily life?

I decided I was not going to let them circuitously control me, and I couldn’t care less about their opinions on this.

I am taking a permanent break from this virtual world, leaving behind all the likes and comments, the “oh my god! she has 10K followers!” , the dog face filter, and everything else.

I dare anyone who shares my thoughts to go for it, let go of these nonsense lives that you’re leading. Just enjoy life for real, forget about letting anybody see what you’re doing, do it for you. You deserve a good enjoyable free life, away from the drama, from the actors, the filters, etc…

Let’s fight for a better world offline.

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