Introducing Sam - The Man Who Brings our Ideas to Life.

Sam is our Chief Technology Officer. He heads up all things tech here at Tinbox. Most notably, he’s in charge of building the app. When he joined us from the U.S. in May last year, the Tinbox app was just a few sketches. Now that we’re getting ready to launch it, we asked him a few questions we thought you’d be interested to know the answers to.

What got you to join Tinbox ?

“When I met David back in April of last year, he and Adrien were in need of an Android developer to take Tinbox to the next level. The idea of building something that means millions of people can make a difference to the causes most important to them really excited me. I agreed to come over to Paris to work with them for a week. After 3 days, I told them I wanted to join full-time. Tinbox is a great company to work at. They don’t come into work to ‘do a job’. They’re here to change the world.”

“I feel like I’m pushing charities forwards with every line of code I write.”

What do you do at Tinbox each day?

“I work closely with the product designer, Adrien, to come up with new features that will make the experience on the app better. Then I work with my development team to make them happen. I’m always coming up with new ideas. But where I get the real kick is when I’m working with my team to bring these ideas to life. We’re actually looking to bring a web developer onto the team. If you’re interested, drop me a line at”.

What’s your favourite thing about Tinbox?

“There are millions… billions of people who know how important charities are to the world. Tinbox gives all these people the ability to donate one Euro to these charities every day. Just thinking about this makes me realise how much of a difference we can make.”

Sam Koch on an Airplane to Tinbox HQ

What gets you up in the morning?

“Knowing that charities need us. I feel like I’m pushing charities forwards with every line of code I write. The more I write, the greater the impact these charities can have. This really gets me going.”

You’re just about to launch your Beta. Why should people sign up for it?

“If you sign up for the beta you’ll be able to start donating your Euro each day before everyone else. What’s more, you’ll become part of the Beta Family. This means that whenever new features are added to the app in the future, you’ll always be the first to test them before they go live.”

Join our beta here:

Can people reach out to you?

“Sure! Send me a line at if you wanna chat.”

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