Form2000’s Melbourne Factory Is a Next-generation Custom Sheet Metal OEM Supplying the Australian Market

Form2000’s next-generation sheet metal OEM manufacturing machinery is supplied largely by lead innovator in automated technology AMADA Holding Co. Ltd.

Form2000 is a leading Australian sheet metal OEM offering over 30 years of specialized experience in sheet metal fabrication. Our sheet metal manufacturing capabilities offer a total solution and make us your complete one stop shop. FORM2000 pushes the design envelope to demonstrate the amazing capabilities of sheet metal manufacturing and sheet metal products.

Our high-tech robotic sheet metal product component manufacturing machinery is housed within a 7,000 m2 state-of-the-art sheet metal factory facility in Melbourne (Australia), offering our customers the latest in sheet metal fabrication technology and delivering a fully integrated supply chain solution.

But who is the supplier that arms Form2000’s Melbourne factory with our next-generation sheet metal OEM manufacturing machines?

Our main supplier is Amada Holding Co. Ltd., with subsidiary Amada Oceania founded as a sales and service company in 1998. Amada is a lead innovator in automated technology and provides the Australian sheet metal industry with a steady stream of innovative, productivity enhancing sheet metal fabrication technologies.

Form2000 have heavily invested in new, next-generation sheet metal fabrication machinery, including automated machinery, to ensure outstanding quality and service to our customers. We use a number of sheet metal fabrication machines across different capabilities:

Fibre Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

- AMADA FOL3015AJ Fibre Laser with Cycle Loader
- AMADA LC 2415 Alpha IVNT Laser with Cycle Loader

Turret Punching Sheet Metal

- AMADA EMZ 3510 with twin cycle loader and parts removal

Folding Sheet Metal

- AMADA CB 83 x2
- AMADA TBZ 2523H Automatic Panel Bender
- AMADA HDS 8025NT x3
- AMADA Astro 100NT HDS1030 x2

Sheet Metal Fabrication

- AMADA FLW 4000 M3 Robot Welding System
- AMADA VC700W MIG Welding Robot
- AMADA VC700W TIG Welding Robot
- AMADA ID40ST Spot Welding x3
- AMADA TSIIIs-NT Table Spot Welder

Form2000 also has capabilities in fastener insertion, powder coating, form-in-place foam gasket application, assembly, packaging and transport logistics and complete outsourced solutions.

These machines are utilized to supply quality sheet metal OEM components to Form2000’s custom sheet metal customers across the electronics, telecommunications, medical, security, gaming, electrical switchboard, signaling, heating and cooling, shop fitting and display, lighting, point of sale and architectural cladding and design features industries.

Form2000’s Melbourne factory facilities and equipment are specifically purposed to support a high mix, low volume capability, whilst ensuring high consistency and repeatability, and enabling us to meet our customers’ custom sheet metal inventory requirements.

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