LASER Applications for Sheet Metal Fabrication

FORM2000 is a custom sheet metal fabricator located in Melbourne. FORM2000 leads the Australian market in advanced Sheet Metal manufacturing and fabrication as an OEM supplier of sheet metal products and components supplied to other manufacturers.

FORM2000 doesn’t manufacturer products for sale to end user (consumer) markets but rather supports the manufacturing processes of businesses by providing the sheet metal component or product that they then incorporate into their product line or final manufactured product.

Fully automated Sheet Metal Component Manufacturing

The key to FORM2000’s ability to cost effectively fit into its customer’s supply chains is automation.

FORM2000 has made a considerable investment in factory automation to drive down and cost and improve fabrication speed and consistency.

LASER cutting and welding

Among the many automated fabrication machines in FORM2000’s facility are two types of LASERs…
• CNC LASER cutters with automated sheets feeds and finished product stacking.
• Robot LASER welders.

Fibre LASER Cutter

FORM2000 have installed…
• AMADA FOL3015AJ Fibre LASER with Cycle Loader
• AMADA LC 2415 Alpha IVNT LASER with Cycle Loader

Next generation fibre LASER cutting provides substantial benefits for sheet metal manufacturing. Customer-realised benefits include greater design flexibility, adaptability, efficiency, turn around, precision- and lower cost.

That’s why FORM2000 has invested in the latest automated fibre LASER cutting, storage and retrieval system with the AMADA FOL3015AJ Fibre LASER- dubbed ‘the world’s fastest fibre LASER cutting system’.

Automated fibre LASER welding technology

FORM2000 provides a range of welding units of varying capacity to handle materials as low as 0.45mm, up to 12.7mm plate.

FORM2000 has invested heavily in the latest automated fibre LASER welding technology from leading machinery supplier, AMADA, to offer our customers increased design flexibility and welding capability.

The AMADA FLW 4000 M3 next generation fibre LASER welder, featuring a 6 axis high speed industrial robot system, offers automated robotic welding of the very highest standard, at higher speeds and with greater efficiency. The system enables welding of a wider range of materials, of different gauge thickness, than previously possible using standard welding equipment

About LASERs

The word LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

The ability for a LASER to deliver high energy photon beams in a highly focused manner is what allows LASER to produce high temperatures (for cutting or welding Sheet Metal) and the flexibility of the fibre optic light pipe allows for easy CNC control and automation.

“A LASER beam is characterised as being coherent radiation of a single wavelength (also known as monochromatic light). The advantage of monochromatic light is that it will not dissipate its energy as quickly as conventional light beams. It is these characteristics that make a LASER beam suitable for the energy transfer needed to cut metals.” (LASER Central) Focusing the LASER onto a work piece melts or burns the material and cut assist gas (oxygen or nitrogen) expels melted materials clean from the cut line.

LASER cutting is a manufacturing process, and for several decades, the world of LASER cutting was dominated by the ‘all-purpose’ CO2 LASER. Then, in 2008, fibre LASERs entered the scene, generally faster than CO2 but lacking the ability to cut through thicker materials

With advances in fibre LASER cutting technology ensuring capabilities in handling thicker material ranges, the preference from CO2 to Fibre LASER has rapidly shifted, showing the industries growing support for fibre LASER cutters. FORM2000 has invested in the latest automated fibre LASER cutting, storage and retrieval system with the AMADA FOL3015AJ Fibre LASER- dubbed ‘the world’s fastest fibre LASER cutting system’.

Sheet metal cutting with Fibre LASERs

Fibre LASER, CO2, abrasive water jet, flame cutting, plasma and femtosecond disk are all methods for custom cutting sheet metal, but FORM2000 aim to deliver the best technology to their clients through the significant performance advantages of LASER cutting:
• Accuracy- with a very small focal diameter and high intensity heating, plus no beam diversions, a clean and precise line is produced every time. 
• Faster cutting speeds- thin materials are cut 2 to 4 times that of a comparable 4000 W CO2 LASER.
• Superior speed and edge quality in material thicknesses up to 7/8" compared to other solid-state systems.
• Reduced electrical consumption- as there are no optics to keep cool, a smaller, more efficient chiller further enhances cost savings, using only approximately one third of the energy of other LASER types.
• Flexibility to handle detailed design requirements with no compromise in quality.
• Process Range Expansion- the ability to cut a wider range of materials including copper, brass, titanium, traditional steel and aluminum. 
• Reduction in environmentally harmful emissions- the solid-state technology does not require LASER gas to generate the LASER beam.
• Elimination of specific costs- no material wear typically associated with ball-screw or rack and pinion systems and no optics or space inside the cavity of the LASER source requiring mirror or alignment costs.
• Less downtime- repairs, breakdowns and routine maintenance can be quickly corrected. Furthermore, an auto-nozzle changer automatically changes nozzles based on material cut conditions ensuring that the LASER does not sit idle.
• Safety- A fibre LASER is required to be enclosed, designed to run without human intervention during cutting.
• The shuttle tables externalize the material setup, eliminating interference with the cutting process.

Fibre LASER benefits to customers

Customers of FORM2000 are looking for an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to create a wide range of custom sheet metal products through advanced fabrication and automation.

Our customers enjoy the benefit of fibre LASER cutting including efficiency in speed and precision, design flexibility and delivery of a cost-effective product.

LASER cutting offers considerable benefits in the development of a prototype product prior to design sign-off, avoiding expensive tooling costs.

Outsourcing all facets of sheet metal manufacturing, including fibre LASER cutting, to the FORM2000 factory enables customers to obtain superior quality sheet metal components, at a reduced cost and with fast turnaround to meet production scheduling requirements.

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