3 main reasons why rofx.net is the best low-risk investment choice

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When you are looking for a low-risk investment option, you can become bombarded with suggestions and ideas. Everyone you ask will have an opinion on the ‘best way’ to invest your money. But, there is a proven way to increase your return with low risk involved — automated Forex trading. Top of the list of websites offering this service is rofx.net.

<h2>RoFx.net — your high return investments with low risk</h2>

Here at rofx.net, we pride ourselves in offering a stable return for our clients — 0.38% average daily profit or up to 10% monthly profit. We provide a low-risk investment option thanks to our loss coverage guarantee and the fact we don’t use leverage. We also ensure that using our site is convenient and cost-effective — for instance, there’s no withdrawal fee for taking out your money. You can efficiently use the web-wallet to transfer to a bank account, through a credit card, and you can even trade with Bitcoin.

But don’t just take our word for it — here are three (well, four) good reasons why we are the best low-risk investment choice.

<h2>1. We have been around since 2009</h2>

If you ask an experienced trader about the idea of using an automated trading platform for their trades rather than doing it manually, one of the most significant concerns they will raise is ‘how do we know the AI behind the platform works?’ And, this is a good point — Forex offers excellent low-risk investments for beginners and automation removes the human element that can damage profits.

Here at rofx.net, we are confident about the AI we use because we programmed it ourselves and we are constantly updating the algorithms. Most importantly, it is one of the longest running automated trading AI’s out there — we first started trading back in 2009.

So, what does that mean for the trader? When you trade using our software, you will have years of extensive experience and knowledge, of our traders, behind you which most other platforms do not. We can offer a host of data to back up what we have done in the past, and continue to do.

Currently, some 23,000 people are using the platform, so there’s plenty of data to back up our statements.

You can see daily, weekly and monthly profit figures at a glance on a dedicated web page. Registered users also get to access even more information — you can monitor the robot’s actions in real time with your account.

<h2>2. We offer loss coverage</h2>

One of the excuses that people give, when they say they don’t want to use Forex trading to invest their money, is there is a risk of making a loss. However, at rofx.net we can confidently offer low-risk investment because we also provide loss coverage for our users.

It works straightforwardly — we ensure that while our users might not make a profit, they won’t suffer a loss either. We only trade with our funds and those of our customers — we don’t use leverage or borrow money to makes exchanges. It means we can safeguard your resources and give you the confidence to trade. We offer low risk investing without the fear of making a loss.

<h2>3. We have plenty of positive reviews from users</h2>

Sometimes people are a little sceptical about using software or putting their money in the hands of a company that they don’t already know, and that’s a good thing. That’s also why we ensure we provide plenty of customer feedback to help build that confidence. For example, our investors from UK, USA, Singapore, Canada and other countries have already acknowledged our company to be a low-risk service provider and that we are reliable in doing what we say. You can also read customer reviews on the website.

We acknowledge that there’s some negative comments out there — that’s also the way of the internet. Whenever we run into a negative review or article, we consider what has been said. What we have found is that the negative comments have been written by people who haven’t registered for the site, and haven’t used our system — they are writing based on assumptions they have about automated trading platforms. So, what we ask is that you try it for yourself and don’t listen to people with no experience of what we do.

<h2>Bonus point — you don’t need any experience to use our site</h2>

Here’s a bonus point to consider when you are weighing up your options for the best low-risk investment — you don’t need any experience or training to use rofx.net. The idea behind the site is that it is as suitable for the complete novice traders as it is for experienced ones — everyone can access it, use the simple interface and start making trades straight away.

At one time, if you wanted to try Forex trading, there was a lot of studying involved, often under the tutelage of an experienced trader, and lost a substantial amount of money in the process. Using rofx.net eliminates this step entirely — you can start making exchanges immediately. As a site user, you can monitor the AI in action, and you can begin to learn about Forex trading for yourself.


Few options offer a guarantee that your investment will increase but using automated Forex trading is about as near as you will get. With our loss coverage, you won’t lose your money, and there’s a healthy chance you will make a profit. You will also learn how to conduct Forex trading by watching the system in action and can start trading today, without any previous experience in Forex or any other type of trading. So why not give it a try and see how it works for you?