Privacy: What Not To Do
Uzair Shamim

Nice article. Like in every industry there good and evil companies. Apple and linux (not android) are kind of enforcing the concept of privacy. All in all it boils down to data privacy rights. The right of oblivion that was enforced in some countries was a right step foward (or whatever is called). Where I live the data privacy rights although , they are weak and the law is old, one thing is clear; the information about you belongs to you and you have full control over it . I simply enjoy sending emails to facebook , gmail etc etc, to remind them they are breaking the law by keeping a comercial database of me without my consent. That is illegal as long as I ask to not be databased, having a comercial profile of me without my consent.

I think they do care about data privacy laws and google is already having serious problems in some countries. Let's see how it develops, I expect data privacy laws to get tougher but not for money launders though.

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