Launch of ICO Exchange Union

Exchange Union is a cryptocurrency exchange service between digital currencies globally, The service offers a wide variety of digital currencies to buy and sell, Exchange union will be the best currency exchange among other crypto trading platforms in the future,By using exchangeunion, friends can easily convert any type of digital currency to another digital currency very easily and quickly, Make friends who want to take advantage of this exchange service, please join the exchangeunion that allows us to convert the digital currency,

Benefits of the Exchange Union Chain
Quick transaction confrmationon Exchange Union Chain, Build by leading digital currency exchanges, consensus algorithm is secure and credible, And more interesting, No transaction fees on Exchange Union Chain.

The crowd sale will run from Aug 7th — Aug 31st 2017

Payment with BTC and ETH
1 BTC=4,600 XUC
1 ETH=380 XUC

XUC: an ERC 20 token built on top ethereum
total XUC supply: 3,000.000.000

Roadmap of Exchange Union

So do not hesitate to join the exchangeunion.

For more info on exchange union:


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