I would like you to meet “Gboard” for ‘Apple’ with love from ‘Google’!

Well to say its not news. that iOS users use Google products, as many have been just used to how cosy Gmail, Google Translate, Chrome, Google Maps and Google itself. But still it was almost to the sheer advantage of Android users that, ‘Okay we are Google’s own mobile OS users and we get all the really cool google stuff first’! Well sorry guys, Google gifts this one exclusively for iPhones and iPad devices first!

Google GBoard

The app is quite simple and direct when it comes to usage. Its as simple as having the ability to ‘google’ anything within your keyboard on iPhone or iPad. No matter inside which app you are typing, Gboard kicks off with gesture typing which itself stands out from the traditional iOS keyboard and first of all whats with that Apple! Its high time Apple gave in gesture typing in its keyboard! Anyways, well back to Gboard, the most sensational feature is the Google search button in the keyboard.

Remember that time when you are texting someone about something may be a cafe or a pub and just to get the address or contact number of the place, you need to get outta the messaging up, open up google and then google up the details and copy that and paste it again into the message, well you wont have to remember that time anymore once this baby is out!

Gboard gives you this amazing flexibility to just skip all these steps with just a tap on the meek google icon just above your keyboard. Tap on the icon and key in the word and tadaaa, there you are given right within your keyboard, replacing the set of keys, cards that give all that google can help you with on what you have searched! Be it the latest news, reviews or contact details, everything will be at your fingertips within whichever app you are.

Google has taken a very simple idea and turned into an amazingly helpful icon for our texting habits. Apart from giving the ability to google from our keyboard within any app, it adds to search and pick up any emoji that we are looking for and even a quick search for a gif image and the best part of all it can be sent, which is literally easily done than said.

So with this little guy on your device, searching and sending stuff ranging from favourite cafe info and restaurant address to flight details and news updates is all right from your keyboard. Results appear as cards and it can be shared as easily and keep conversations going and better.

However guys, for now Gboard is available only for English and that too only in US. But that said looking at all the amazing level of use and edge it offers, and the ease it promises which will renovate our texting comforts, its for sure that users ought to be looking forward to it being released soon to Android and before that to other regions too!!

Thats all for now folks….Stay Tuned… Peace Out…

Tinju Signing off…

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