The amazement that was Google I/O 2016!

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Google this year took its I/O event to an even bigger level with not only just a bigger venue and a massive audience of about 7k geeks plus a whole larger set of user watching online, but also with amazing news that excites any Google fans like myself. Before we dive into the all the news from the event, lets first of all just have a look at what Google I/O is all about.

Google I/O is an annual event held by Google to let its users and developers know what google plans to achieve this year, showcase its newest products and updates to its existing products such as android, apps etc. It was started in 2008 which gave in the introduction of the ever glorious Android OS itself. Since then the event has been much looked forward to by google, android and mobile fans around the world with the last one being held on 18th of May 2016.

The event which was held at an outdoor amphitheater located in Mountain View, California, greatly pleased all android and google users in the most appealing manner!

Well to give you an overview of the best and the biggest announcements :

Google Home

Google competes with Amazon’s echo with stepping into the field of smart speakers with its integrated new ‘Google Home’ for automation right at home….

Google Takes on all of the messaging giants at the same time taking up the added attractions of Whatsapp, Hike and Snapchat all into a single messaging app- Allo!

And finally not leaving out the space that Google has left off all these years, where Facetime and Skype has forever remained favorite, the video calling app, Google’s Duo…

Well it was a well deserved treat indeed for everyone who eagerly waited for the event and here the event wraps up all the goodies that everyone would love!

Well Google Home is much like our Amazon Echo in almost all its functions — a speaker that can keep music and entertainment streaming, with the obvious support for Google Cast. One can also group it with theother speakers at home for multi-room audio. Ofcourse Google Home is also voice activated and I personally feel it looks pretty cute too. The best part that stands out is that the unit offers various options of colors for users to choose from too!

Also Google Home extends to the Internet of Things hub, linking all of your connected devices like lights, cameras, thermostats and small appliances integrated at home to turn home into one piece of smart controlled unit all of it controlled with the Google Assistant which in addition to all this answers all your queries through follow up and conversations. Again the I/O event was a demo for the improved Google Assistant, or something like the Google version

Allo, the messaging app introduced by Google stands out in the most impressive way possible. As I mentioned earlier Google has not only included all the best aspects of our favorite messaging apps, but has tweaked in new features and integrated it with the magical google touch to make it probably the most desired messaging platform possible.

With Allo, typing becomes ever more easier and expressive. Starts off with what Google calls screams and whispers, users no longer have to send in the expression of joy, with ‘Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay’ but with a ‘Yay’ that can be dragged to a size that meets your exact feel!

Predictions just got better, when the messaging up identifies whats the image that has been sent by your contact and suggests responses within the app itself, and these wont be just mere suggestions from the app, but ones which has been identified by the exquisite machine learning based on your previous responses. And next time you want to search up a funny pic to send to have hilarious conversations, dont even think about leaving the app, coz google search itself can be done within the app and results can just as easily shared!

I really meant it when I said Google takes up best features from numerous other apps and puts it all together in Allo. This includes, smart reply feature from Inbox, which suggests responses for messages based your previous texting history, hand written messages over your pics for those Snapchat lovers out there and to get hold of the famous stickers used in Messenger and Hike.

Integration of other third party apps with Google helps to pull up google cards within the conversations be it a suggestion for a restaurant which pulls up nearby restaurants as well as cards with its reviews and wait it gets better when with just a message to make reservations, it triggers google to get involved in the messaging going on to make direct reservations for the restaurant or movie through authorised apps, without even leaving the ‘Allo’ app.

Although having Google as a part of all the conversations that we have with anyone and everyone in Allo, poses various privacy issues, having a helping hand of Google to make typing and every other activities which would normally require hundreds of minimizing the apps, search, copy and paste and traversing withing the apps disappear is amazing.

Finally to talk about the video calling app ‘Duo’.

The app in all sense is the basic video caller that we are all familiar with through Facetime and Skype. However the feature that Google tweaks in is what it calls ‘Knock Knock’.

The feature renovates the traditional way of displaying caller pic when someone calls with a feature of displaying the video feed of the person when he/she calls us, before we even pick the call.

DUO displays the video of the caller before even answering….

Although, the event covered various other aspects such as new Beta release of Android N and highlights of specific features from it and also the epic step of Google into the most happening virtual reality, well I would like to hold off things with this. Do check out the exclusives by MKBHD, Verge and Cnet covering the Google I/O at :


The Verge :


Thats All for now folks!! …. Peace Out….

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