So what should we call ourselves? “Code Titans”, I shouted after strongly refuting the Avengers name from a teammate. I mean could we get a break from Marvel Studios and pass the baton to DC universe. The name did not stem from being a comic fanatic but the mind within the script that is the uniqueness of each team member. And this how the name was affirmed.

Kind, sociable, open name it all. It's what I admired when interacting with Lillian. A titan who possessed a bravery in tackling whatever challenge was thrown at her and always quick on her feet.

Calm, critical and honest. That’s what I observed out of all the discussions we had with Chris. A titan who even after attempting one of the challenges a bit late, still had a deep sea of calmness to him that still marvels me.

Bold, inquisitive and attentive. It’s what everyone desires for every crucial moment in their lives. Lamech, a titan who clearly showed me what it means to never let go.

How can you fail with such team members right next door? How can you give up with Roger our Learning Facilitator Assistant who out of his depth of experience and wisdom did not take the centre stage but instead gave the show to us to run and whenever one was in need of help, accurately pointed to a team member who had the full experience of your problem.

Without a doubt, The #code-titans will keep the streets safe.