Africa Check: How to separate fact from fiction

2017 is the unofficial year of alternative facts and fake news. The world is left scrambling through real and fake news. One of the greatest challenges facing the new Africa is the availability of statistics, data and real credible hard facts at the disposal of the general public. A non-profit organization took up the task back in 2012 in helping Africa out of the dark ages of misinformation. The organization is working to raise the quality of information available to the public.

Today Africa Check is a sure online repository, bursting myths, checking facts and clearing doubts through open data born out of research. Africa Check was devised by the development arm of the international news agency AFP. Since 2012, Africa Check has produced numerous reports in English and French language, serving Anglophone and Francophone Africa with handy reports for testing claims made by public figures, institutions and the media against the best available evidence.

Africa Check focuses on issues related to Africa and Africans while promoting accuracy in public debate across the continent. With offices in South Africa, Senegal and the United Kingdom, the organization is spreading into Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Kenya.

Leveraging on the internet through their website and social media, Africa Check allows the public to submit topics, figures, facts and information that they would like to be checked and researched. Once the submission is in line with the organization’s guideline, a detailed report will be produced and made public in response to the submission made.

This is an interesting way out of misinformation and fake news in the world today. Next time you have an shaky fact to confirm, feel free to hit up the Africa Check website for confirmation.

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