Almost Every Nigerian Food Recipe You Need is on this App

Nigerian Vegetable Soup / Via Dobbyssignature

So your Mom wants you to sit with her in Kitchen, the Kitchen is hot and as advised by the old saying “If you can’t take the heat in the Kitchen, you get out”, you stand and leave. But how then do you learn how to make those delicious indigenous soups like Mom?

Well an app is here to save you, the Nigerian Food Recipes app. Yep, the name of the app may not reflect so much “creativity or deep thought” but the app comes in very handy for the 21st century kitchen. As the name implies, the application with its simple design guides users through easy step by step procedures for preparing Nigerian foods. Fully equipped with numerous indigenous Nigerian meals, the NFR app is filling the gap many young Nigerians are craving and in the most amazing way.

Though Nigerian food blogs are springing up left, right and center, there is still a huge gap in passing the rich food local food culture to the new Nigerian generation. The Nigerian Recipes App serves as a pool of recipes. Available on playstore, the app has about 50,000–100,000 downloads with lots of positive reviews.

Interested? Download the app HERE.

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Published by Makuochi Okafor on Tinkafrica

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