Jumia Food: One more Food App to Get you Out of Hunger

Though fintech and online retail stores are flourishing in Nigeria, one cannot say same for food tech in the country. With a handful gathering of food apps in the country, many Nigerian are not adopting the culture yet. However, a slow but gradual success is being recorded in the industry and there seems to be an actual future for food tech in Nigeria.

That said, I doubt any food delivery account in Nigeria be complete without mentioning JumiaFood. Why? Well here is why, JumiaFood with an impressive and Characteristic Jumia type marketing, has gained all the right publicity in Lagos, spreading into Abuja, Port Harcourt and other parts of Nigeria, in a away most other apps have not. By buying over HelloFood, this company “took hold” of the food delivery world in Nigeria>

The JumiaFood Nigeria app lets consumers find and order food from restaurants around them. The app today stands among the leading food delivery apps in Nigeria (if not the leading), with a friendly interface and an easy to use platform. The app lets the users estimate delivery time, preorder and filter restaurants and also the platforms notifies users when restaurants are running deals, basically what every other food app would offer. But Over the years, JumiaFood has gained popularity in Nigeria like it has around other major African countries. Buying over the successful food tech company, HelloFood was a huge highlight for Jumiafood.

Wanna try it out? Download the Jumiafood app Here on andrioid and HERE on iOS.

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Published by Makuochi Okafor on Tinkafrica

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