Free Money & Rare eBooks in a Tiny Country

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I come from Bangladesh. We have Android and Google Playstore, but our market existence is negligible to the extent that even Herzegovina has Pokemon Go, but we don’t.

Similarly, we don’t have a lot of online options, either. We can’t purchase things online from abroad. Outward remittance has been banned. We don’t have McDonald’s or eBay or even

I’m not saying that the existence of such services is a criteria for assessing how awesome a country is — because my country is incredibly awesome in other ways. However, there are some services that I wish I could have.


Beautiful books that I want to read and touch and feel that are too expensive when imported. Have you ever come across some books that are rare but the plot intrigued you to such an extent that you can’t help but want it really bad?

This article is NOT about getting or importing books from abroad, BUT it is about getting money and how to purchase ebooks (and other online services) with that.

Bear with me here.

Here are some apps you didn’t know you could access:

  • Google Play Books — it’s an online e-book reading app and a bookstore, just like, where you can buy books.
  • Google Opinion Rewards — it’s an app that will literally pay you for answering surveys of 4–5 MCQ questions.

So what is the problem?

Well, simple: it isn’t available in my country.

Now, ask any Bangladeshi out there and they’ll tell you. There are so many instances where we have had to use VPNs — virtual private networks, because the government had taken some steps to block off access to specific websites. Those of you who watch porn: you know what I mean. These blocks are temporary, and sometimes reasonable, but it pisses people off regardless.

Anyway. So a VPN is a service that can be an app or a software that makes your web-browsing anonymous. You send and receive data across another network. Meaning, you can actually have access to services that you couldn’t because of your actual location. Your IP address could show that you’re in the U.S.A whereas you’re in Bangladesh.

Now that we know what is what, I’ll explain to you two things:

a. How you can earn money online

b. How you can use that money to buy e-books online

Shall we begin?

1. Download a good VPN

It could be anything starting from Hotspot Internet to Betternet. If you want to avoid advertisements, download the .apk files, transfer them onto your phone and install it.

2. Turn on the VPN

Make sure your location in the VPN is set to countries like USA or France. Note that once you’ve turned on the app, if you want to keep earning money, you can never turn the VPN app off. Sorry.

3. Download the Google Opinion Rewards app

This is the magical app.

Make sure you’ve got your VPN turned on or else this isn’t going to work.

Google is going to keep sending you notifications of available surveys to complete, one per day at max. This app isn’t going to make you filthy rich. The maximum you can earn from this is $1.00 per survey, and all the money is going to go into your Google Play account as Google Play Credits.

Warning: Furthermore, if you turn the VPN off once, Google is going to take you for a lost cause and not send you notifications for surveys anymore.

What can you possibly spend your Google Play Credits on?

  • Buying original apps
  • Buying apps extensions
  • Watching movies on Google Play Movies & TV
  • Listening to music on Google Play
  • Buying filters for those photo editing apps that everyone loves so much
  • …and much more if you just google it.

So if you wanted to earn money, legit money, then this is it. Move along if you don’t want to buy books. *condescending hand flick*

4. Download Google Play Books app

If you’re going to give me a rant about how ebooks aren’t the same and what not, please understand that I understand. But sometimes, reading a book is more important than the Medium (geddit? hehe) For those who get it, read on.

Google Play Books.

Ah. Now this was an app I had discovered in Thailand. Could it be that there was an entire world of books right there at my finger tips that I had access to, but couldn’t, simply because I wasn’t from that country?

Download the app. Now.

And simply, using your Google Play credits, buy all the books that you need.

Note that some books are more expensive than others due to their demand and popularity. Since Google Play is an easy-to-use platform for people to publish on, you’re more likely to find books here that you couldn’t find elsewhere.

I was personally searching for an incomplete childhood favourite that I’d read half a decade ago that happened to be published here. The Mute and the Liar by Victoria Best.

Happy Reading!

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